Frequently Asked Questions


What can I design or develop?

Layerdraft makes design and development happen. We cover all design and development needs – from web, app to branding - delivered professionally and perfectly on brand.

How fast will I get my design request?

When you receive your completed projects is determined by how large the project is.

What happens when I purchase a design/development package?

Once you've completed a purchase, you will receive a confirmation email where we can begin working on your design needs. We will then follow your brief to create a design sample to make sure we're on the right track. After your approval, we'll work on the full project in the style of your chosen sample.

Are there any long-term contracts?

No Contracts! Purchase design and development packages and pay as you go

Can my studio or agency use Layerdraft?

Absolutely. Individuals, small studios and larger agencies can use Layerdraft. Just select a package that meets your requirements.

What do I need to submit a project?

When submitting a project on Layerdraft, you’ll be guided through the process of putting together a basic project description and making a one-time only payment. This submission process should not take more than a few minutes.

After you submit your project, a member of our team will follow up to clarify your project details. From there you can submit files or specifc creative assets you would like us to use in your designs.

What if I have even more questions than on here?

Thats totally cool! You can always ask a question via email.


When is payment required?

Before any work begins on any part of a project, you’ll need to submit payment during the project setup process. This is a one-time final payment. No additional costs will be added and money can be refunded within 30 days if not completely satisfied with your designs.

What currency does Layerdraft’s site operate in?

Layerdraft’s project payments are posted in USD.

What forms of payments are accepted?

Currently Layerdraft accepts payments by credit card or PayPal. Please contact us for bank wire transfers.


How does IP protection work?

Any work Layerdraft prepares related to a project part belongs to Layerdraft until payment has been made by the project owner.

Once payment is transferred to Layerdraft, the project owner will then own all elements of text content, photographs, images, designs, full source files and data that have been provided and created.

In the case a project is refunded, all project materials and rights belong to Layerdraft. Project owners cannot use or distribute materials that have been refunded.

How do NDAs work?

Layerdraft cannot share details about any project (unless project owners approve).

We’re here to respect the confidentiality of our project owners.

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